Posts from September 2023

Hallelujah Halloween Hallway and Fall Festival – October 2023 Featured Event

The Hallelujah Halloween Hallway and Fall Festival are scheduled to take place on two days this year (Saturday October 28th and Tuesday October 31st). These events are a ministry focus that provide us with an additional opportunity for outreach to our community. The Hallelujah Halloween Hallway is an annual performance by our members to share a story with a life changing message.…

Grandparent’s Sunday – September 2023 Featured Event

We are celebrating grandparents and their impact in our lives. So many of them have provided godly examples for us to follow along with teaching us the way we should conduct ourselves in life. We invite grandparents to join us at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday September 10th to be recognized during our morning service and honored for their faithful work.