Times & Directions Memories Beliefs Our Pastor Email Green Pond Baptist Church 20480 Eastern Valley Road P.O. Box 42 Green Pond, AL  35074 205-938-7769 This is your invitation to attend an old-fashioned, bible-believing, sin-hating, Jesus-loving, Baptist Church!  We at Green Pond Baptist Church believe the old ways made the church holy and America great. While others have changed the church to conform to the times, we preach that man must conform to the Word of God.  Feel free to join us in any service and ask God to meet you there!
I often describe our church as ‘what you see is what you get.”  The  Lord has created within the Green Pond Baptist Church a friendly  family church.  Our people enjoy sharing the same family events  that you might share with your own family, celebrating birthdays  and anniversaries, noting special mile-markers in the walk of life,  and working together to maintain the church.  Scripturally, we  preach the message that “Ye must be born again”, and encourage  our people to take a stand against sin.  We take being called “old-  fashioned” as a compliment and feel our church offers an  atmosphere where Christians can worship the Lord through  participation and personal growth.  Pastor Carl D. Hall 
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