Practicing Our Beliefs

At Green Pond Baptist Church we try to live what we believe. When you visit you can expect to be welcomed, loved and encouraged. Although we are a rural church we have a diverse congregation from many walks of life. Our people consist of young children, teens, single adults, married families and senior adults. We strive to put God first, reach others for Him, serve the needy and challenge / uplift each other. Please join us soon to experience what God has for you.

From Pastor Carl D. Hall

I often describe our church as “what you see is what you get”. The Lord has created within the Green Pond Baptist Church a friendly family church. Our people enjoy sharing the same family events that you might share with your own family, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, noting special mile markers in the walk of life, and working together to maintain the church. Scripturally, we preach the message that “Ye must be born again”, and encourage our people to take a stand against sin. We take being called “old fashioned” as a compliment and feel our church offers an atmosphere where Christians can worship the Lord through participation and personal growth.