Church Events

Business Meeting

The Business Meeting this month is scheduled to take place immediately following the evening service.

Wednesday Services

Please Join Us for Our Midweek Prayer and Bible Study Service

JOY Club

The JOY Club meets for a potluck lunch. Bring your favorite dish and come fellowship with us.

Sunday Services

Please Join Us for Sunday School and Worship.

Ladies’ Bible Study Fellowship

Please come be a part of our Ladies’ Bible Study Fellowship. Whether it is your first time, or you are a regular participant we want you to join with us for a blessing.

Fifth Sunday Parking Lot Offering

Our fifth Sunday parking lot offering is for our members who wish to contribute to help us with paving our parking lot. The Lord has blessed us with no debt as we have put a lot of money into our new building while updating our existing buildings. This is a freewill offering, and you will not be pressured to give, or frowned…