Church Events

Wednesday Services

Please Join Us for Our Midweek Prayer and Bible Study Service

JOY Club

The JOY Club meets for a potluck lunch. Bring your favorite dish and come fellowship with us.

Teen Connection

There is a teen connection taking place this Friday evening.  Please make sure to participate for food, fun and fellowship.

Friday Night Flicks

Please join us tonight for our Friday Night Flicks series of films. We invite everyone to attend and watch the “The Encounter (Paradise Lost)”  movie plus fellowship with those present. The movie starts at 7:00 P.M.  For questions, or more information contact Pastor Hall at either (205) 938-7769, or [email protected]

Honor Local Officials Sunday

Today is the annual day we honor our local officials. We are thankful for their dedication! Please bring deserts and snacks (sugar based and sugar free) that we can provide to those who are serving our community.

Sunday Services

Please Join Us for Sunday School and Worship.

The Lord’s Supper

We plan to observe The Lord’s Supper in our evening service. Everyone is encouraged to attend this special time.