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Vacation Bible School – June 2018 Featured Event

Our June 2018 featured event is Vacation Bible School. Please plan to attend every night starting June 11th-15th (the final pre-registration Sunday, and candy scoop-up is June 10th). There is signing, teaching, preaching, games, giveaways and fun scheduled for every evening. You do not want to miss a second of it if you are ages […]

A Time for Renewal – Featured March Event

March has arrived, and it is time to start thinking about the renewal that takes place during Spring. With the weather turning warmer we can see signs of new growth appearing daily. When we see new growth it should also cause us to reflect on spiritual growth. Sometimes that growth comes through pruning, and sometimes […]

Deacon Ordination – Featured September Event

On Sunday September 17th in our evening service we are scheduling a deacon ordination. This is a special time to see Leroy Humphrey officially accept this call to service as a deacon. Just a few short years ago Leroy accepted Christ as his savior in our church, and It has been a blessing to see how he […]